1887 Condos Update

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1887 Condos Update
VPB Approves Sign for Condo Offerings in 1887 Building
Story by John Thomas
Staff Writer


   On Tuesday night the Village Planning Board approved the developers sign offering condos for sale in the 1887 Building, otherwise known as the Old Schoolhouse. The banners will be mounted on the north and west walls of the edifice. It was determined the banners met the size restrictions for downtown signs. The banners indicate the condos will be for sale in the fall of this year.

   The Board also considered the site plan and architectural design for a new home to be built at 27 Adams. The lot, at 7.1 acers, is one of the last remaining large lots in the village. The planned two-story home will be 4,513 square feet and will feature a detached garage with two lock-out rooms on the second floor. Lock-out rooms have no kitchen and are used for storage. In reviewing the plans, the board determined the proposed structure meets open space requirements and the FAR (floor area ratio). The height of the home will be 26.5 feet, just under the 28-foot limit. Engineer Aaron Teller was at the meeting representing the owners. The board expressed a desire to have the exterior look of the home be consistent with the adjoining property. Mr. Teller said it would. Village Planner Gary Palumbo said the lock-out rooms would require a special use permit and would need a public hearing. The public hearing was set for February 13th at 5:30pm.

   The board also mentioned an upcoming use for the old Kabob’s Café at 37 Washington. The building has stood empty since the owner moved the restaurant to Bradford several years ago. The Harley Davidson company will use the building to sell accessories for motorcycles. No motor vehicles will be sold at the building. The board said the only changes to be made to the building are signs for the exterior, and no public hearing is required.