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Pat Burke – Contractor Extraordinaire
Story and Photos
By John Thomas
Staff Writer

When you talk to Pat Burke his passion for contracting comes through loud and clear. He began working for various contractors in the area when he was just 18 years old.  One of the early projects he worked on was a remodel on the Beef and Barrel in Olean.  After working for others for ten years he decided to stake out in his own.  That was roughly eighteen years ago and since then he’s made a name for himself locally for his quality work.  Mostly his work consists of remodeling, renovations, and custom home construction.  Currently he just finished the final phase of remodeling some of the units at the Creekside condo complex at the entrance to HoliMont.

The project started when Luan Bobinchuck got the notion to expand her unit.  She contacted Pat who began to remodel her interior.  She says that people would pass by and ask about the construction.  When it was completed she hosted a cocktail party after a Home Owners Association meeting to show off her expanded unit.  That was when the other homeowners got excited about re-doing their units.  Greg Petrocarlo, president of the HOA  contracted with Pat to re-face the exteriors of the complex.

As most projects do, the Creekside project expanded from one or two homes to all 18 units. Some of the units were almost completely rebuilt.  Several were expanded by sacrificing part of the upper story decks, and building additional rooms underneath.  The remaining decks were re-fitted with Trex decking and rails.  Other units were gutted and all the floors and walls replaced.  Most units received new cabinetry, fireplaces, trim work,  bathroom tile, and entryways.  All the homeowners participated in the project, picking out custom wall and flooring materials, and purchasing special decorative items.  Most of the units received upgraded electrical work and fixtures.  For the exteriors of all the units the old vinyl siding was stripped off and replaced with Hardy Board.  The work began in the Spring of 2011 and the last of the units were done in time for ski season.

As Luan observed “We started with 18 units being exactly the same, and now we have 18 unique and different units.”. She goes on to add that the owners have all become closer through the construction, and they now have an increased sense of community.  That one time cocktail party has now become a cherished tradition.  It seems that Pat remodeled more than just the condos. Mike Bobinchuck, Treasurer of the association, nearly gushed saying, “Pat was a real pleasure to work with, and he’s a man of his word.”  Looking towards the future Pat is branching out as a developer.  He is planning a development of custom homes called Sundance, out on Summerville Valley Road.  For those lucky families who move into one of the houses, it will be a life changing experience.  To contact Pat you can reach him on his ever present cell phone, 716-378-4223.