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Inside Business: Arms & Ammo
Mansfield Arms & Ammo: Local Gun Repair & Sales Store Expands
By Chad Neal

   America wouldn’t be America if it weren’t for firearms. Tim Jacobson has been part of the local community all his life and also served our country in the United States Army. He has since been in the reserves and has worked with them as well. Jacobson decided with his knowledge of firearms to open a firearms shop for retail and repair of guns. His shop is located a few miles outside of Ellicottville in Mansfield, and since he has opened he has grown and become more than just a gun store. Mansfield Arms and Ammo is now starting to make bullets and also has started engraving, and not only on guns. The Villager interviewed Jacobson to find out more about Mansfield Arms and Ammo.

The Villager (V): When did you decide to open Mansfield Arms & Ammo?

Tim Jacobson(TJ): I decided to open in 2014, when I wanted to turn my hobby of working on firearms into a business. I wanted to open the shop to provide firearms and ammunition to the local populous, also seeing that the closest shop was miles away from town.

V: What is Mansfield Arms and Ammo, in your words?

TJ: Mansfield Arms and Ammo is a firearms dealer for all brands. We carry rifles, pistols, shotguns and some accessories. We also provide cleanings, repairs and refinishing.

V: What is your background and knowledge of your business?

TJ: I grew up around firearms, hunting, target shooting, etc. Then I developed a love for repairing them during my enlistment in the Army. I have always repaired my own and wanted to help others for a reasonable price.

V: When did you open and where are you located?

TJ: We opened in January 2015, and are located in the town of Mansfield just a few short minutes from Ellicottville.

V: What can people find at your store?

TJ: We sell pistols, rifles, and shotguns. With our expansion we added Custom Laser Engraving. We can do glassware, firearms, awards, nameplates and pretty much any material out there.

   We also now manufacture ammunition and are able to provide local patrons quality affordable ammunition. We currently make a couple variations of 9mm and are looking to expand into other calibers in the near future. Our current prices are very hard to beat and it is produced right here in Cattaraugus County.

   Mansfield Arms and Ammo has a Facebook page to browse as well. To get to Jacobson’s store from Ellicottville just take Maples road past the American Legion. At this point in time there is a detour, but that will take you directly to 7654 Hinman Hollow Road where Mansfield Arms and Ammo is located. Their email is or call 716-341-0044. You can also order on-line and his store hours are Mon-Thur 5:30pm -9pm\ Saturday 8am-11:30am or call for an appointment.