Black Diamond Detail

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Inside Business: Black Diamond Detail
New Automobile Cleaning Business in Ellicottville
By Chad Neal

   Ellicottville has many interests and the businesses that set up shop in the town or village have a dream of becoming a part of the community and sharing their wares and/ or trade with the locals and visitors. Some of the people that are drawn to this humble ski town want to live and work here, and find a niche that suits there fancy. One such person is John Paul (JP) O’Connell who with his wife and family moved to Ellicottville four years ago from Kankekee, Illinois.

     O’Connell started working as a bartender in a local establishment and quickly fit in. Many of the locals befriended him and his skills in the service world proved his worth in our service-oriented town. He now works at the Ellicottville Brewing Company but has a bigger agenda for his role in Ellicottville. O’Connell opened up his own business detailing cars. Black Diamond Detailing is the moniker he came up with on the spot, and it fits in well with the ski town interest.

   The Villager tracked O’Connell down to get some info on his new endeavor. A perfect time of year to start such a business, O’Connell told the Villager that it is nice to get “exposure at such an early stage in the business.” At this point O’Connell explained that Black Diamond Detailing is doing strictly detailing services. Included as well is a wash and wax for $55 – outer detailing. O’Connell has plans of setting up a physical location on July 1, but as of now he is doing it at his house or his customers home.

   O’Connell has a history in the business. When he was seventeen he started detailing for Ike’s Auto Park in Carbondale, Illinois, he told the Villager. “I loved chillin’ out listening to tunes all day and witnessing the transformation a car can make after being detailed. For me it’s a very therapeutic experience.” O’Connell stated.

   The detailing of a car involves deep cleaning of the interior and exterior to make the vehicle look brand new again. The seats, dash, windows and everything are cleaned and brought to a shiny new effect. O’Connell said, “Details usually take anywhere form 5 to 8 hours depending on the shape of the vehicle. All details start at $150 and that comes with one free wash at a later date, which is sort of our gimmick. It proves we actually care about the upkeep of vehicles and want to see them hold value and last for many years to come.”

   O’Connell said he came up with the idea when he was discussing things with his wife Jenna. “With us getting so much snow, ice, and salt exposure, our cars take a beating. We need a detail service in town that can make cars look great all year round.”

   The Villager asked if their were any more “details” he wanted to share and he answered saying, “Once we get the main shop up and running we plan on going mobile with a state of the art trailer that can fix rims on high end vehicles along with detailing bigger items such as fire-trucks, ambulances, and airplanes.” O’Connell expressed.

   You can call or text O’Connell for more information or to set up an appointment at 716-218-8415.