Business Seeks Approval

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Business Seeks Approval
Proposal for Home Chiropractic Business
Story by John Thomas
Staff Writer


   The Town Planning Board on Monday night accepted an application from Mr. Leo Kronert to establish a home Chiropractic business in the house he is in the process of purchasing on Rt. 242. Two questions arose, neither seems serious enough to interfere with Mr. Kronert’s plans. The first was an apparent mistake made by the appraiser that delayed the real estate closing. Town Planner Gary Palumbo said if he does not own the property, Dr. Kronert needs to provide evidence that he has permission from the current owner to apply to the Planning Board before the board could issue an approval. The other situation that would need to be resolved is most of the driveway and parking for the home office clients is on property belonging to Fitzpatrick and Weller.   The site survey the board had didn’t show any existing access authorization. The board said the chiropractor would have to obtain written permission from F&W to allow access and parking there.

   In explaining the proposal to the board, Town Planner Palumbo said Dr. Kronert was planning on using two rooms on the first floor for an office and treatment room. Kronert and his wife would live in the rest of the first floor. The second floor is an apartment the couple would rent. The Planner said the area is zoned medium density and a home occupation there would need a special use permit and a public hearing. Palumbo went over some of the requirements for a home business. The business must clearly be incidental and accessory to the home. The business cannot change the character of the home, the site, or the neighborhood. No more than five customers per day are allowed and no more than two deliveries.

Mr. Kronert addressed the board. He said he is semi-retired and is going to operate the business part-time, only a few days a week. He is looking for a little extra retirement income and has not yet closed on the home purchase. Kronert said he and his wife have wanted to move to Ellicottville for a long time. The board said the gentleman should resolve the two issues in time to get the paperwork to the Planner before the deadline for the next meeting. The chiropractor said he felt sure he could do that. The board scheduled a public hearing for November 27th at 6pm, the Monday after Thanksgiving.

   Mr. Palumbo alerted the board the Village is currently reviewing its local law covering short-term rentals (less than 30 days) in the Village. The Planner asked the board if they knew of any short-term rental problems (noise, garbage, parking) in the town. No one seemed to be aware of any. There was a consensus that complimentary town laws should “mesh” with Village laws. He said the board could consider short-term rentals as part of their review of the Comprehensive Plan.