Comp. Plan Under Review

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Comp. Plan Under Review
Town Board Get Hints of Comprehensive Plan Review
Story by John Thomas
Staff Writer

During Privilege of the Floor at last week’s Town Board meeting, Town Planner Gary Palumbo addressed the board with a few comments about the Comprehensive Plan. The Town Planning Board has been reviewing the Comprehensive Plan with a mind to update the document. For the past several months, the board has worked extra hours going over the existing plan section by section. Mr. Palumbo said they are adding details and updating various sections. Included in the revised plan will be sections on solar and wind energy and fracking. Once a revised draft is completed the Planning Board will submit it to the Town Board and a public hearing will be set.

Supervisors Report

   Supervisor Matt McAndrew gave some details of the Four Flushers meeting. The Village found and repaired a leak on Fillmore Ave. That combined with leak repairs the DPW has done over the last several months has reduced the unaccounted water loss by 70%. A homeowner on Donlen asked for relief from a high water bill. The board determined the homeowner was responsible for the bill. Mr. McAndrew reported the Village has authorized Nussbaumer and Clark to research options for sludge removal at the Water Treatment Plant. There is a candidate for the combined Town/Village Public Works Engineer. Contract negotiations are underway. The board went into executive session to discuss the matter. Village Mayor John Burrell has requested the purchase of a half-ton pickup truck be made from the sewer fund. When the Public Works Engineer is hired, he/she may use the new truck. The board passed a resolution approving the purchase. Art Chubb has submitted his letter of resignation from the Town Planning Board. Supervisor McAndrew will send him a letter thanking him for his 18 years of service to the community. The department reports were accepted as submitted.

Police Report

   Officer in Charge Don Auge reported despite of huge crowds, there were no major issues with Fall Festival this year. There were 60 calls for the police, but mostly they were noise complaints and fights. He said his officers had responded quickly to the calls that came in. The bad cellular service during the weekend was discussed. Emergency Services will be contacted to see if something can be done to improve cell service for future events. Auge reported the Ford Explorer patrol car has been recalled regarding the carbon dioxide fumes that have been reported in other police Explorers.

Highway Department

   Tom Scharf wants to replace the pull behind street sweeper. He says it is damaging the shoulder of the roads. He would like to replace it with a Sweepmaster 450. The bid price is $47,488. It could be purchased using CHIPS funds. The board passed a motion to approve the purchase. Supervisor McAndrew asked Attorney Kathleen Moriarty to come up with an agreement regarding the sidewalk plow the Town and Village jointly own. The agreement will cover usage and costs regarding the dual ownership. The Highway Department’s pressure washer is 29 years old. Scharf presented the board with a state bid for a new one costing $11,500. There is money in the budget for the purchase and the board passed a resolution for the purchase.

Engineer’s Report

   The contractor working on the booster station is almost done and the station is working well. They have a punch list of a few items that still need to be addressed. The survey of Valley Village Road is underway. Once it is done, the Town and Valley Village Association can explore options for the road redesign, associated drainage and who is responsible for the costs connected with the project. Engineer Alianello had submitted a Preliminary Project Budget for Upper Holiday Valley Road Paving and Drainage. The Board will review it. The Board discussed adding a section to the Code of Ethics addressing confidentiality and Officers of the Town discussing issues on social media. Attorney Moriarty will work on the wording.

EVGV Trail

   The Trail Committee is distributing the grading releases to be signed by the property owners along the first section of trail. The grant writer has indicated a grant may be available to help fund the trail. Crandall Memorials is scheduled to begin work on the toppled headstones at the Jefferson Street Cemetery.

   The board then went into executive session.

Despite the large crowds at Fall Festival. Officer in Charge Don Auge said there were only a few minor problems.