ECS Board Meeting

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ECS Board Meeting
School Temporarily Loses Cable Connection
Story by John Thomas
Staff Writer


   At the ECS School Board meeting on Tuesday night Superintendent, Bob Miller chided Spectrum Cable service for the loss of cable TV access for the school. He said the company had upgraded the service coming into the school but had failed to switch out the converter boxes. This left the entire school without access to cable TV for several days. Internet access and phone service were unaffected by the change. Mr. Miller said he had received and email regarding the Governor’s proposed budget. The email had referenced a projection in the budget, that if it had been included in the final budget could have cost the district $100,000. Miller commented he was relieved to see the projection had not made it into the final budget.

High School Report

   Erich Ploetz reported grades three to eight will be taking their state assessments for English Language Arts on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. The Math assessments will be taken next week. Grades three through six will take the tests in their classrooms, while grades seven through eight will take the tests in the gym. This year the tests will be untimed, allowing students to complete the exams. The state said most students should be able to finish in 90 minutes. Ploetz said they do a lot of extra work to put the students at ease, including bringing in snacks. Superintendent Miller said a lot of people do a lot of work behind the scenes to make the tests come off smoothly.

   Mr. Miller said putting together a calendar for the 2018-19 school year is proving to be a challenge. He said trying to arrange stimulating events for the students and honoring state requirements is difficult. He said he would present a calendar next week. The Board approved policies for the School Food Service Program and Wellness Program, then went into executive session to discuss personnel.