ECS Budget Vote

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ECS Budget Vote
$10.M Plan Includes Transportation/Library: Vote Tuesday
By Sharon Turano


   Ellicottville Central School District residents will be able to head to polls from 1 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, May 21 to cast ballots on a $10.8 million spending plan that carries a 3.9 percent increase in the amount raised through property taxes.

   District Superintendent Mark Ward explained the budget during a Tuesday public hearing so residents can know the particulars of what the plan entails. Information is also available on the district’s website.

   Three propositions will be included on the ballot, including the budget, a proposition to spend $28,500 for the public library and another allowing the district to spend $31,000 to lease two 66-passenger buses.

   Ward said the budget carries $6.2 million in the amount of it to be raised by taxes. That is a 3.9 percent increase above last year’s $6 million while the budget itself is only up 2.3%. He attributed the increase to the retirement system, unemployment insurance, and basic increases in operational costs. In fact, said Ward, the district got more state aid in 2007 than it does today. In 2007, he said, the district received $3.7 million from the state, while it gets $3.5 million in 2013.

   Despite that, Ward said, the $10,891,507 to be spent by the district includes $144,000 that will be expended during the next five years to purchase 115 computers, replace computer labs, update staff computers and redo wiring. He said $60,000 will be spent on new core curriculum materials. All extra-curriculars and sports will be kept.

   One seventh-to-12th grade English position will be eliminated after a teacher retires, and one transportation /maintenance position will be cut.

   Residents will also vote on three open board of education positions. The two top vote-getters will begin in July and serve five-year terms, with the third highest getting a four year vacancy term, which will commence immediately.

   Running for the posts are Melissa Foster, Roger Spell, Len Zlockie and William Murphy.