2017 Fall Festival EVLution

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2017 Fall Festival EVLution
Ellicottville Continues to Evolve: A Look at New Businesses
By Chad Neal

Another year has already passed since Fall Festival, and here we arrive again to bring a fantastic fun-filled weekend to the many, many guests who will be visiting this Fall Festival weekend. With hundreds of vendors and all sorts of entertainment surrounded by the beautiful foliage that brightens the hills in the background and all of the trees in and around the village, you still can’t help but notice several changes happening in town. Businesses starting up and businesses moving around the streets of Ellicottville have been keeping the talk at the water cooler quite busy amongst the local set, and just so the confusion is at a minimum this weekend with all that goes on during the Annual Fall Festival, here is EVLution 2017. A brief analysis of the different facades since last years Fall Festival.

Finnerty’s Tap Room

Finnerty’s Tap Room, located on Mill Street directly behind the Kwik Fill convenient store and across from the Wingate Hotel in the village is a new sports bar style restaurant opened up by owner Bill Finnerty last winter in 2016. The building was formerly the Armor Inn, but fell short of it’s aspirations and was taken over by Finnerty’s who has shown their ability to draw the guests. With a large open dining room and a full menu including a Pad Thai dish that can come with chicken, beef or shrimp, a Reuben Spring Roll with Thousand Island dipping sauce and home made hand dipped onion rings, Finnerty’s has definitely shown a good addition to our village. Featuring a large choice for draft beer options and several televisions for sporting events, Finnerty’s is a great atmosphere for anyone that enjoys the Ellicottville scene. Finnerty’s also provides live entertainment along with their jukebox that can play just about any song ever written and a dartboard for friendly competition. Of course this weekend parking will be hard to come by, alas when the village has decompressed after Fall Fest there is ample parking in front of Finnerty’s or across the street in the hotel parking lot.

Katy’s Cafe

For most of the folks who live in or frequent Ellicottville, Katy’s Cafe is not a new place in town, although Katy Arena has moved her popular eatery and coffee spot down the street to the old Coffee Culture building. Since Coffee Culture moved out a few different entrepreneurs tried to use the cafe style restaurant, and alas as timing would have it, Arena moved her popular business to the new location, and along with her loyal customers, daily court holders and coffee lovers has made the business in Washington Square, next to Madigan’s a very busy location. Katy’s Cafe serves an awesome breakfast as the menu is full and complete. With regular style breakfasts, breakfast sandwiches, breakfast wraps and even oatmeal and fruit parfaits, and sweet pastries and muffins, breakfast will satisfy everyone. The coffee and tea selection hasn’t changed and the fruit smoothies and coffee drinks are still a grand specialty at the new location. Lunches are also a large part of the menu after the breakfast crowd disperses with specials daily and the menu with specialty paninis. Also you can choose either a salad or wrap of the same style and/ or make your own sandwich with choices of breads, meats, cheeses and toppings all on the menu. And the soup always goes fast, you have to get there early. Still the same great coffee, service and food, the only thing that changed about Katy’s Cafe is the location and the size.

Weed Ross Insurance Agency

After being on the south side of Monroe Street in Ellicottivlle for years, under the Insurance sign next to Balloons, Weed Ross Insurance has moved to the North side of Monroe street into a larger building. Sean Cornelius is now President of the company that was previously run by Gary Ross who was partners with John Weed. Ross became president in the1980s when the name changed to Weed Ross. Weed founded the company in 1957. For many years Weed Ross Agency was located in between businesses on the south side of Monroe Street, and since Cornelius has taken over, it has grown even more and the move was set in motion. Cornelius also decided to keep the name of the agency Weed Ross, as to not fix something that wasn’t broken. The new location at 4 Monroe Street is now in a residential house and offers a comfortable welcome upon entering the door. The employees are all enjoying the new office space and change of venue as well. The Insurance company has been providing plans for all the needs of the insured items we use everyday.


The newest spot to open is Cupcaked in the location that Weed Ross just moved out of. Cupcaked is a bakery and boutique located centrally and has recently started to dole out their production of tasty baked goods including owner Anne Coe’s famous cupcakes. Coe learned the baking trade from her grandmother and honed in on the techniques she now uses by baking cupcakes for her former employees as incentive when she was a restaurant manager. Located between Balloons and Cadillac Jack’s on Monroe Street, Cupcaked has a wide variety of delicious cakes, pastries and baked goods and will take orders as well. Coe has found that the community is welcoming her with open arms. The grand opening coincides with Fall Festival and this weekend is sure to impress all those who have a taste of her goodies. Coe also has local artwork and jewelry for sale.

John Nelson Attorney at Law

John Nelson set up as a lawyer here in Ellicottville on Monroe Street as a tenant of Kathleen Moriarity in her Law Office, which is located in the building that used to be Foster’s Pub on Monroe Street. As Nelson’s growth revealed he was too busy and needed larger quarters for his firm, he found a perfect spot in the Ellicottville Inn building, where Foster’s moved to as well those years ago. An ironic deal as Nelson purchased the flat and set up shop along with his employees and his wife Sam. The new location gives more room for expansion and recreation. His walls are decorated with old law books he and a friend found. Some local business owners also donated books that were his great grandfathers, as he worked for the Holland Land Company. Nelson also has doors to rooms in a Speak Easy fashion as they are not readily noticeable and look like the walls of bookshelves themselves. Nelson has been practicing in Ellicottville for over five years now and is part of the community through and through. His new location in the Ellicottville Inn building is another new place in Ellicottville’s EVLution.


The Tee Bar – With a Twist

As Katy’s Cafe moved down the street and opened up her old location for new business, the building owners Dina DiPasquale and Kim Reading decided to open a new boutique and ice cream shop called The Tee Bar – With a Twist. The boutique portion of the Tee Bar – With a Twist consists of Ellicottville branded garments like shirts, hoodies, hats and other clothing articles with new hip Ellicottville images and designs are readily available. And the ice cream part of the Tee Bar – With a Twist offers soft serve ice cream with all the fixings and flavors and also a selection of the hard ice cream flavors in regular, specialty and waffle cones and dishes. The décor in the shop is something to keep the eyes busy as one enjoys their ice cream treat on the comfy inviting seating offered and the neat style clothing will be the hippest locally sourced attire around, especially at Fall Festival. The Tee Bar – With a Twist and all these other places are all part of the EVLution.