Artist Spotlight: Timkey Family

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Artist Spotlight: Timkey Family
Father/Son Tag-Team of Creativity Showcased at AmeriCan

   Hi again, Liz here from AmeriCan in downtown Ellicottville, NY.   As we are becoming a home for Local Artisans and Craftsmen, I am delighted to have such a diverse selection of work that truly speaks volumes about our talented community to share with you.

   Two of these artisans just happen to be a father/son tag team of creativity. Mike and Spencer Timkey, along with their family, have been successful over the years in the business of winter snow sports equipment and clothing. Both have also found complete opposite but equally interesting outlets for their individual personalities.

   Mike (the Dad lol) started putting things together with pieces of wood that had accumulated around the house after various remodel projects.   He also had a branding iron developed to acknowledge our “716” area code for Ellicottville to come up with unique rustic designs for great gift ideas. Branding leather and wood on hand made items, such as, Beer and Wine Caddies, beverage glass carriers, key hooks and coasters, Mike has found a wonderful way to re-use, re-purpose and celebrate Ellicottville at the same time.

   Spencer, “Spence” (the Son of course) has embraced the technology of our time and his passion for photography and raised it literally to the highest level allowed by law. Not only has he developed a knack for capturing images with camera ready on the ground, but also by plane and by the latest craze, the Drone. The idea of Drone photography and moving video has taken the world by storm. However learning to control, maneuver and capture the scene, either as a still or video requires an artisan’s talent. Spencer has embraced this challenge and is able to deliver a product that will showcase the landscape, object, event or whatever the subject is into a unique visual experience. Specifically he has shot and showcased the slopes at Holiday Valley Resort. He notes: “Working with the Valley and living in the area has offered me the opportunity to capture some really cool scenes, especially in the winter. Our area is so photogenic, and when you get natural light in the mornings it makes everything pop. I was fortunate enough to have some of my shots chosen to be on the Seasons floor at the new John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital in downtown Buffalo. If seeing a sunrise over a chairlift can lift a sick little kid’s spirits, then I’m happy and it validates what I’m doing.”

   Stop in to AmeriCan and take a closer look at the specialty of both their undeniable ideas. We are always proud to represent many local artisans and craftsmen from our area. Hope to see you soon and have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day!

Spencer Timkey raises his passion for photography to literally the highest level allowed by law. His father Mike designs unique rustic gifts iron branded with our “716” area code.