Holiday Valley Sign

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Holiday Valley Sign
Resort Plans Electronic Sign for Resort Entrance
Story by John Thomas
Staff Writer


Greystone Apartments

   The Town Planning Board Monday night took action on two items regarding developments in town. Town Planner Gary Palumbo was unable to attend the meeting, but board member John Zerfas read from his staff report for comments on the projects. The first agenda item was the Greystone Apartments on 242. Mr. Zerfas said he had spoken to Mr. Palumbo regarding the project. Curt Wallace, the engineer working with developer Phil Vogt, was at the meeting. At previous meetings, the board had requested several changes to the site plan. Mr. Wallace had made the changes and resubmitted the plans. Among them were widening the driveway into the apartments, and moving a fire hydrant. Extra parking spaces were added, and a revised photometric plan was submitted. The Town Planner had listed several conditions for approval of the project. Town Engineer, Mark Alianello must approve the site plans including the water and sewer connections and the storm water run-off plan. Other hurdles included County approval of the utility plans and a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers for the encroachment on wetlands in the area. Mr. Wallace said he had been working on the plans with the Town Engineer and expected his approval. A motion was passed to approve the project with the conditions as set forth by the Town Planner.

Holiday Valley Sign

   Bonnie Koschir from Holiday Valley had submitted a plan for an electronic sign for Holiday Valley Road, just opposite the entrance to the turn in by the lodge. This raised some concern for one of the board members. Ms. Koschir said only a portion of the sign would be electronic. The display would only display the word “parking” with an arrow to the parking lot, or show “lot full” as the day progresses. Ms. Koschir added it might display a message of congratulations for a wedding couple or announce the name of a group meeting at the resort. The board member said electronic signs are regulated by the zoning laws and the display can change only two times per day. There was a question about other electronic signs in the town. Code Enforcement Officer Kelly Fredrickson read from the zoning laws that had an exception for temperature signs in front of banks. He added if the sign changed only twice per day, it could be allowed. John Zerfas again read from the Planner’s staff report that laid out conditions under which the sign could be approved. The sign can change no more than twice per day; the display must be static; no animated messages. The display can have only enough colors to convey the message, it cannot be too bright, nor cause a distraction to drivers. Finally, it must be located 23 feet from the curve in the road. The board said they felt the sign could be approved with the conditions, and if Holiday Valley needs to put up more messages, they could apply to the ZBA for a variance. A motion to approve the sign with the conditions passed. The board then went on to their work revising the Comprehensive Plan. There will be a special report in The Villager when the final document is released.

Rendering of proposed electronic sign to be
installed on Holiday Valley Road opposite the