Hope’s® Windows, Inc.

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Hope’s® Windows, Inc.
Providing Superior Products to Historic Places
By Anna Hagley

Hope’s ® Windows, Inc., founded in 1912, and now one of the largest steel window manufacturers in the world, calls Jamestown, NY home, with four manufacturing plants in town.

Another stellar example of manufacturing in Jamestown to celebrate during manufacturer’s month, Hope’s has an incredible track record of providing superior products to some of the most historic places in the country. Since their first work order in 1912, taking on a job for Prudence Risley Hall at Cornell University, to their exemplary work creating marine equipment during WWII, there’s no project they haven’t taken on. Heather Oberg Fagan, Art Director for the company, shared with The Lakeside Ledger several examples of their work, including that they’ve created windows for legendary architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright. They’ve also had their products installed in the White House, Disney World, Ivy League and prestigious universities (Yale, Princeton, Harvard, Cornell, Dartmouth, Stanford and MIT, to name a few), a presidential library, several courthouses and post offices, cathedrals, memorials, skyscrapers, and countless luxury homes across the United States.

While their windows and doors are unmistakably beautiful, they’re more than just a pretty face. The manufacturing process includes 100 year old, time-tested methods mixed with new technology, product development methods and manufacturing equipment to create a product that is unique, long lasting, strong and safe. Hot rolled solid steel and solid bronze, two superior materials they utilize, are much stronger and more resistant when compared to aluminum or wood, and each product is hand-made by a talented group of artisans at the local shop, Ironworkers Shopmen’s Local 470. In fact, this is the second oldest shop in Jamestown existence, a testament of dedication to the high quality they have guaranteed for decades, with product order fulfillments from coast to coast. The talented group of workers has strong longevity with the company and is always up for the challenge of a new and creative project, perfecting this art form and offering something for every need, from eloquently gracing the homes of private customers, to ensuring fire rated, correctional facility grade and hurricane resistant windows.

Hope’s strives not only to create stellar products, but also deeply appreciates their town and employees and has a continuous goal to support the local community, as their over 250 employees are largely local, contributing to economic stability. They also host an annual United Way Fundraising Event, offer college scholarship opportunities, host family outing events, participate in the Jamestown Area Battle of the Businesses, and created and maintain the Hope’s Chadakoin Trail.

From offering an American made product to creating elegant windows that showcase beautiful views, and ensuring the safest, sturdiest product on the market, all while supporting their hometown, Hope’s ® Windows, Inc. is a company that deserves applause and acknowledgement during October’s Manufacturer’s Month. We hope you’re as amazed as we are by their breathtaking work. To view a photo gallery or learn more about Hope’s, visit their website at www.hopeswindows.com.

Private Residence. Photo/Pete Albert Photography