New Restaurant on Monroe

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New Restaurant on Monroe
Cadillac Jack’s Location to be The Public House
Story and Photo By John Thomas
Staff Writer


   There were no public hearings at the Village Planning Board meeting on Tuesday. Village Planner Gary Palumbo said one sign application had been turned in after the deadline for the Tuesday meeting. But, he said the applicants were present and had all their materials for the application with them. The board made a motion to hear from the applicants without them being on the agenda. The Board addressed the planned agenda items first.

   The first item was a new canopy sign for the hair salon on Monroe. The Edge Hair Salon wants to change the canopy over their entryway and had filed a sign permit. The business, name and canopy size will be the same as the previous version. Under the zoning laws, a canopy cannot be approved by the Code Enforcement Officer but must be approved by the Planning Board. The replacement canopy will be 26 square feet, the same as the old one. Village Planner Gary Palumbo said the new model meets the requirement for canopies. It will come no closer than one foot to the edge of the sidewalk, and it will be 8.5 feet above the ground. The lettering on the cover will not be more than 8” high. There was a question as to illumination. Code Enforcement Officer Kelly Fredrickson did not know exactly how the sign was to be lit. But, the zoning codes preclude internally illuminated signs.   Mr. Palumbo suggested a condition that any lights inside the canopy be directed downward shining on the entry door. A motion was passed to approve the canopy with the condition Mr. Palumbo suggested.

   The Board then considered an amendment for the Architectural Design Review for the home being built at 20 Fillmore. The changes involved replacing the proposed brown arched windows with rectangular white double-hung windows. The man-door was removed from the side of the garage. Palumbo said all the changes were in keeping with current code and felt the changes were not subject to a public hearing or SEQR action. A motion was passed to approve the changes as submitted.

   Chris and Brenda Perks submitted a letter to the Planning Board withdrawing their application for a zoning change for 5 Park Avenue. No explanation was given for the withdrawal.

   Tim McIntyre and Brandon Palmer presented their sign application for a business in the old Cadillac Jack’s on Monroe. They said they would be taking over the location around the first week of November. The men presented drawings of a round hanging sign and a rectangular sign for the front of the building. One of the board members said he felt the building sign was too big. A check of the square footage of the proposed sign showed it would be 36 square feet. Planner Palumbo said the current limit is 32 square feet. The two men said they felt the sign could be reduced with no problem. The application for the hanging sign was found to be complete. The sign is 26”x24” and consists of three major colors, and shows the name of the establishment: The Public House. The hanging sign was approved as presented. The men said they hope to have the new restaurant/bar open by Thanksgiving.

Tim McIntyre shows the renderings of the signs for The Public House. The new restaurant will move into the old Cadillac Jack’s on Monroe.