Possible Skate Park

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Possible Skate Park
Proposed Indoor Skate Park Will Require Re-Zoning
Story by John Thomas
Staff Writer


   The Mayor’s monthly dose of good news was the plan for shared services was approved by the county. From the county, the document goes to Albany for state approval. The plan is available at the Village office for inspection. Mayor Burrell said the Village had received a check for its share of county sales tax revenues; the amount was $90,674.60. That figure is down about 2% from last year, but the Village is still on budget.

Skateboard Park

   In business from the floor, Chris and Brenda Perks talked about the indoor skate park they are developing on Park Ave. The business would include an indoor skateboard park and apartments. However, the area is zoned industrial which would preclude both the park and apartments. If the zoning could be changed to Village Commercial -3, which entails rehabilitating abandoned industrial properties, the project could go forward. Although supportive of the plan the mayor said he didn’t want the Village to engage in “spot zoning.” If the Village changes the local zoning for every project that comes along, it could set a precedent that could cause problems in the future. Mr. Burrell said he had talked to Planning Board Chair Nancy Rogan and Village Planner Gary Palumbo as to the best way to proceed. The Board decided to refer the proposal to the Planning Board for the best way to proceed and then hold a public hearing at the next Board of Trustees meeting. The Perks presented their site plan at the Planning Board meeting on Tuesday. (See Planning Board story in this issue). Several members of the Village Board planned on attending.

Town/Village Engineer

   The board discussed the joint Town/Village Engineer position. The opening received 22 applicants, of whom five have been interviewed.   Three of those were invited back for a second interview. Mr. Burrell said Steve Mountain from Batavia, who has been working with the Village on creating the position, has three more names he will submit for possible interviews. The new dump truck will be manufactured October 2nd, and then will have the plow package installed. It will then be fitted with the dump box from the ‘08 truck. Because of the Columbus Day holiday, and Fall Festival, the Board moved its next meeting to October 16th.

Engineering Report

   Village Engineer Nick Dobmeier reported on the sludge clean-up at the Waste Water Treatment Plant. He determined if the removed sludge could be processed in a way that would allow it to be stored on site, it would save some money. The DEC would have to approve the plan, but it is feasible. Mr. Dobmeier said they had flushed the SAGR lines and found some interesting debris. There is an 80-100 gallon per minute draw-down on the water tank, meaning somewhere there are leaks in the system. The Village DPW is currently looking for them, but so far none have been found. MDA Engineers has coordinated the asset infrastructure list with the county for inclusion into its GIS system. Jigger Stokes observed the instillation of the sedimentation tank at Stillhouse Brewery. Still no word on when it may open.

Department Reports

   The Mayor introduced Mark Chudy as the Interim Director of the DPW, taking over from the retired Harold Morton. John Burrell requested that he put up a “One Way Do Not Enter” sign at the north end of the parking lot between the Post Office and the Inn. Trustee Cappelli requested the DPW clean up the weeds that tend to grow up around the dumpsters in the Village. This raised a question from Village Attorney Kathleen Moriarty. She mentioned the dumpsters are on private property, and having DPW staff dispose of the weeds would mean taxpayer paid Village employees are maintaining private properties. A discussion ensued about the ongoing problem of over grown grass on some properties in the Village. In the past letters have been sent to the owners. Kelly Fredrickson said he had sent a letter to the finance company of an abandoned home. Ms. Moriarty asked to see a copy of the law and any letters that have been sent in the past. Mr. Chudy reported the street sweeper should be repaired this week, and he will make an arraignment to have it brought down from Buffalo. A new paint striper machine has been purchased, and seven new parking spaces were added to Mill Street in front of Finnerty’s Tap Room. Code Enforcement Officer Kelly Fredrickson said he is performing annual inspections of restaurants, B&B’s and places of public of assembly. He said some establishments have lost their occupancy limit signs, and he will work on replacing them. The boulevards along Monroe won’t be repaired before Fall Festival. The Mayor said he will start the bidding process for replacing the cement sections now so that when the festival is over, work can begin.

Special Events

   Spencer Murray was appointed as chair of the Special Events Committee. Parking for the vendors for Fall Festival came up. The chamber is going to issue permits with tags for vendors to allow them to park in Village Park. Mr. Murray said he had sent a letter to Brian McFadden at the Chamber requesting a list of all the vendors for Fall Festival and the parking tag numbers. A motion was passed ratifying Mark Chudy as Interim Director of the DPW. The meeting was adjourned.

John Burrell requested that he put up a “One Way Do Not Enter” sign at the north end of the parking lot between the Post Office and the Inn.