Pro Am at Holiday Valley

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Pro Am at Holiday Valley
Ellicottville Memorial Library Pro Am Golf Tournament
By Kerra Trivieri


   It may be hard to believe, but the 2017 golf season has been whizzing by as we have already made it to August. However, summer is not complete without the annual Ellicottville Memorial Library Pro Am Golf Tournament hosted by Holiday Valley. The event will take place on Monday, August 7th starting at 11am.

   “The last Professional Golfers Association (PGA) member before me started the event in conjunction with the Western New York (WNY) PGA,” said Holiday Valley Director of Golf and Summer Operations Steve Carney. “2004 began Holiday Valley’s assistance in fundraising for the new library and the Pro Am became part of this.”

   Through the course of many years of fundraisers, Holiday Valley was able to reach their goal of donating $100,000 directly to the library and has since continued to support the important work of Ellicottville’s public library.

   “Libraries are vital to our economy and communities and the Ellicottville Memorial Library is no exception,” said Library Director Laura Flanagan. “After building the new library, our usage went from 4,000 patrons per year to our current usage of over 28,000.”

   Last year alone, the library held 550 programs and circulated over 23,000 materials as a result of this increase. Additionally, the use of e-books and other digital media has recently skyrocketed.

   “Pro Am donations are used to expand our collection of materials and increase our programming schedule,” added Flanagan. “This year, however, we also received a grant for installation of geothermal heating and cooling for our building.”

   This grant covers 75% of the installation cost, but the remaining 25% is approximately $12,500. The Pro Am event will help the library meet the cost for this important improvement to their infrastructure.

   August 7th will be a day full of golfing and fundraising, with spectators welcome to watch at any time.

“There may be up to 100 players.” Carney said. “Each team contains a WNY PGA Professional and three amateurs. Any amateur with a United States Golf Association Index can participate.”

   There will also be a raffle with up to 15 prizes to win and 100% of the proceeds go to the library.

   For more information on the Ellicottville Memorial Library Pro Am Golf tournament or other happenings at Holiday Valley this summer, visit or call 716-699-2345. The Library is located at 6499 Maples Road.