Four Mile Brewing Growth

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Four Mile Brewing Growth
Expansion of Building and Distribution
By Nicholas Pircio

One of Olean’s top attractions continues to do what it does best: brew great beer. Some changes have been made to the menu and hours of operation, but the Four Mile Brewery on East Green Street looks to be in it for the long haul.

Business at the brewery remains strong, according to Nicholas Bohdanowycz, accountant and co- founder. He said a recent decision to close the popular taproom on Tuesdays and Wednesdays is an effort to shift the focus. “We realize that focusing on our keg sales and distribution is the way we want to grow. We want to put more time and resources into that function.”

Though Taco Tuesday proved to be very popular, Bohdanowycz believes it is better long-term to focus on production and distribution, not only in New York State, but also by expanding into Pennsylvania. “So we’re very happy to be finally serving Bradford, because we feel they are part of our community as well. It’s a great feather in or cap.”

Does Four Mile Brewing plan to sell beer in cans? They consider eventually doing so to be stage three in terms of goals. According to Bohdanowycz, opening the business in 2015 comprised the first stage, while step two happened recently with the opening of the brewery’s second floor upstairs. “We also received three, 30-barrel fermentation tanks, which will allow us to increase our production. We’re very proud of that.” Expansion into the back building has resulted in the addition of a refrigeration unit and a loading dock. We’re very excited, and we’re going in the right direction.”

   As for the menu, Bohdanowycz said changes were made based on what is popular with customers. “We still have vegan options. There’s been some speculation that we wouldn’t have them, but we definitely have vegan and we love vegan options.”

Customers can expect to see a few more physical changes at the brewery coming this summer, especially outside, the only comment being to expect a little surprise.

Speaking of outdoors at the brewery, the hops are already blooming, “even better this year.” The plants grow right along a fence perimeter, in the beer garden, which should be open in a couple of weeks.

A new beer that’s doing very well at Four Mile Brewing is their pale ale, part of what they call their rotating hop series. There’s the new “Bravo! Bravo!,” and also a brand-new maple brown ale just being released which uses all-New York State ingredients from nearby Sprague’s Maple Farms. “Of course we have big plans to take over the world, but we love working with the community,” according to Nicholas Bohdanowycz.

The brewery continues to offer live music on Fridays and Saturdays. They’re planning to host a comedy show on June 3rd, along with their second annual brew fest on July 15th, so stay tuned!

   The taproom at Four Mile Brewery in Olean is open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from noon until 11pm, and Sundays from 10am until 9pm.