HV Summer Upgrades

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HV Summer Upgrades
Holiday Valley Plans Busy Summer of Work
Story and Photo By John Thomas
Staff Writer


   In an ongoing effort to maintain Holiday Valley’s position as one of the top ski destinations on the East Coast, the resort will be putting $3.1 million of its money back into improvements at the slopes. Although many of the improvements will not be apparent to casual skiers, their impact will be felt throughout the resort. For starters, the resort will be adding 70 new automated snow guns to the snowmaking capability of the mountain. The new guns will be divided among six different trails and will bring a total of 314 snow blasting guns on the trails. “Snowmaking is the life blood of ski resorts these days, and we need to have consistent conditions no matter what Mother Nature throws at us,” says Jane Eshbaugh, Marketing Director at Holiday Valley.

The warm-up shack at the top of Cindy’s was the old base lift shack at the bottom of the Tannenbaum run. Ms. Eshbaugh says it is “in need of a little TLC.” In fact, it’s going to be replaced with a new building. A little taller than the old building, it will have a great view of the valley and, Eshbaugh says, “will be a great place for skiers to warm up.” Over on Mistletoe the lean-to will be moved a little further off the run and set back into the woods.

   Beginning skiers will benefit from the new Magic Carpet that will replace the handle tow on the beginner run. Much like a moving sidewalk at an airport, the Magic Carpet makes it easy for novice skiers to get to the top of the slope. It’s especially easier for snowboarders who won’t have to re-angle their feet while being dragged by the rope. “It allows beginners to enjoy the experience.” Improved snow shaping on the Slippery Slopes run will provide a more intuitive learning experience for learners.

   Part of the investment the valley is making will affect skiers at all levels. They are planning on replacing two of the old groomers, with more energy efficient, lower emission groomers. The new groomers will reflect the newest technology in grooming. Nearly every night the resort’s six groomers resurface all the runs, creating snow conditions that provide all skiers with ideal conditions.

   Not all the improvements will be noticeable to customers. Improvements in the resorts IT capability will include increased computer storage space, and an upgraded credit card processing systems. Says Eshbaugh with a slight touch of frustration in her voice, “Everything changes so quickly, it’s hard to keep up.” Ask anyone who has tried to use their new “chip” credit card in an older credit card machine.

On Tuesday Holiday Valley made a request for sales tax abatement to the CCIDA. If approved, Holiday Valley will not have to pay sales tax on purchases related to the improvements, saving them 8% of the total cost. On a 3,000,000 investment, it can be quite a bit. Holiday Valley is one of the largest employers in the county, and anything they do to stay up to date benefits skiers and non-skiers alike.

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