Local Artist Shows at Comic Con

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Local Artist Shows at Comic Con
Shad Nowicki Taking Pop Culture Paintings to Nickel City Con
By Chad Neal


   The fantastic world of pop-culture and fantasy, and fiction of all kinds can be found for the pure reason of entertainment at conclaves for the geek at heart, Comic-Cons. This weekend in Buffalo, The Nickel City and presented by Dave & Adam’s is Nickel City Con. Friday-Sunday (May 19-21) at the Buffalo Convention Center, across from Osteria 166. The Nickel City Con, (Buffalo’s Premiere Comic Convention) will be welcoming fans of anything in the popular culture world.  From Batman to Popeye and Transformers to PowerPuff Girls, and Hello Kitty to Slasher Killers like Jason, Freddy and Michael Myers, famous celebrities from Professional Wrestling, NFL Football and television and movies just about everything in the entertainment universe can be found. And Ellicottville’s liaison to the Comic Con realm is Shad Nowicki and his crew. Shad is a painter and does works that fit in superbly to the Comic Con scene. Nowicki will be traveling to Buffalo with a small crew to set up a booth at the Comic Con to show and sell his works of art.

   This year the list of celebrities that fans and con-goers will get to meet and greet or gawk at from afar include Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura (O’hara) AKA Bill Shatner and Nichelle Nichols from the original Star Trek series will be on hand to answer questions, sign pictures and autographs and take pictures. Another celeb from space movies is Lando Calrissian from the Star Wars franchise episodes V and VI and …oh and Flash Gordon will be there too. The sport fans will be able to meet and greet Diamond Dallas Page and Jake The Snake Roberts from WWE and Joe Montana and Dwight Clark form the NFL. Plus there will be toys and gadgets, comic books beyond belief, books, art, and games to browse and enjoy. Check out the whole list of celebrities at nickelcitycon.com.

   Shad Nowicki has been going to Comic Cons from Niagara Falls, Canada to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and elsewhere in between. He decided it would be fun and a bit lucrative to set up a booth and sell his paintings of comic book characters, movie characters, television characters and mash ups of pop culture icons as well. His paintings have evolved and his clientele come from everywhere and all walks of life. Nowicki has garnered friendships with several of the celebrities he’s met at the Comic Con shows and has partnered with a few to paint portraits for them including Lou Ferrigno from The Incredible Hulk fame and Steve Guttenberg from the Police Academy Movies, Short Circuit and Cocoon, among many others.

   Nowicki paints the pictures he wants, but he has been getting a lot of commission work for himself as well. A lot of people have noticed his raw talent and asked if he could make his art for them in the characters they ask for. And he is getting a lot of orders. Nowicki started out doing shows in Ellicottville and around the area, but noticed when he went to his first Comic Con that the amount of people strolling through extremely outnumbered the friends, family and art lovers in our humble little burg. He set forth with help from close friends, showed and sold his works and made relationships with many artists, and comic con vendors and celebrities and he wants to share the experience with everyone he can from Ellicottville and the Western New York area. Nowicki said, “Once you get into the show and see what it has to offer, you will love it. And there is so much for kids, it is totally family friendly. And I bet you find stuff you forgot about and something you love.”

   One of the best parts for kids is the ‘cos-play’ characters. People who spend hours making costumes of characters like comic book characters such as Batman and Deadpool to Storm Troopers from Star Wars and some of them don provocative costumes too, like Harley Quinn and Princess Leia from Jabbas Palace. Nowicki said he is really excited to show off his new art and he is going to have a lot to offer at the Nickel City Con. He also said “I think it will be one of the premiere shows in the area. It’s nice to do a show in my home town, so people you know can go. There have been a lot of convertors.”

   Shad is bringing over 70 of his paintings along with sketches, mini paintings and free posters as well. He said he is showing off a lot of his new stuff. This is the second year for the Nickel City Con and he is really excited about it. “Entertainment business is the future,” he said pertaining to his paintings and attracting fans, “I’m focusing more on movies and entertainment and not so much comics anymore.” But he will do commissioned paintings of anything you want.

   The family friendly, celebrity ridden convention with hundreds of thousands of comics, toys and figures and characters running around is nothing but fun. Tickets are inexpensive at $15 per day or $30 for a three day pass and can be bought on the website or at the door. Shad Nowicki will be there and his booth will be easy to find with the signage they have for directions and his large bright Shad Nowicki art sign on his booth. Check out the awesomeness and find what you’ve been missing, or must see again and give a local artist some support as well.

Shad has partnered with a few of the celebrities to paint portraits for them including Lou Ferrigno from The Incredible Hulk fame.