Apartment Approved

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Apartment Approved
Board Re-Set Public Hearing After Snafu
Story by John Thomas
Staff Writer


   The Village Planning Board held four public hearings on Tuesday night for three residential and one commercial project in the Village. The first involved an application for a home business on Mill Street. M&T Bank was next with a request to re-stripe the parking lot at their new location on Washington. A request for new construction on Fillmore, and finally an application to convert a garage to an accessory apartment also on Washington. Three of the public hearings were held in quick succession as no members of the public were present to comment on them. The board did not receive a letter or email comments from the public regarding the proposals. Only the accessory apartment received some concern from the public. A gentleman at the meeting raised concern with the garage’s location in the historical overlay district in the Village. He was also concerned with the building’s placement in a flood zone. The Board took his comments, closed the public hearing and went on with the meeting to discuss the applications.

Home Business

   First, the Board discussed the home business application. Village Planner Gary Palumbo went over the application. The home hair salon will be in the basement of the home. Mr. Palumbo said the application meets all the requirements for a home business. The business will be an incidental and secondary use for the home. No changes are planned for the exterior of the house. A motion was passed to approve the application.

Bank Parking Lot

   Next up for discussion was a site plan amendment from M&T Bank to re-stripe the parking lot that their new location. Currently, the lot is marked with the parking spaces parallel to Washington. But, the bank (and everybody else) has noticed most people park perpendicular to Washington. Re-setting the parking spaces would create car by-pass (between the park cars and the building) of 20 feet, but the building code calls for 24 feet. The bank had previously been granted a variance from the ZBA to allow the 20-foot by-pass. A motion was passed to approve the minor site plan amendment.

Mix-up with Public Hearing

   Up next was the new construction proposal for Fillmore Drive. Planner Gary Palumbo noted there had been a “glitch” with the notice for the public hearing sent out for Tuesday’s hearing. The notice had given the date of the hearing for July 8th, not August 8th. People who received the notice in the mail thought they had missed the meeting. In discussion, Mr. Palumbo said the application was complete, and the board began an architectural review. Chair Nancy Rogan noted the board could not complete the architectural or site plan reviews until the public hearing is held. At first, the board discussed holding the hearing at the next Board meeting, but the engineer on the project Aaron Teller asked if the Board could hold a special meeting for the public hearing. The Board considered the soonest they could hold a public hearing and give proper legal notice to residents in the area. They determined August 22nd is the soonest the hearing could be held and tabled the discussion for a special meeting and public hearing: August 22, at 4:30.

Garage Remodel

   The Board went on to the special use permit, site plan, architectural design, and historic district reviews for the conversion of a garage on Washington into an accessory apartment. There was some concern that part of the lot the garage is on, had previously been owned by HoliMont. At some point, the lot had been sold to a previous owner and joined to the lot for the home. Palumbo noted the modification would not change the historical character of the building, and the renovation is consistent with requirements in the historical overlay district. Although the building lies in a floodplain, the living space will not be on the ground floor. The special use permit and the architectural design review were passed with conditions: the conversion is for one apartment only, and there be no less than 30-day rentals. The board approved a change-out of a front door for 24 East Washington, and the meeting was adjourned.

M&T Bank put in a request to re-stripe the parking lot at their new location on Washington.