Bakery to Open in EVL

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Bakery to Open in EVL
“Cupcaked” on Monroe St. Grand Opening Sept. 29
By Chad Neal

Many may remember the iconic old school Insurance sign on Monroe Street which sat above an empty building after Weed Ross Insurance moved to the next block of Monroe Street. But now the sign will be for a Bakery. Anne Coe decided, along with her husband, that she wanted to start her own business and Ellicottville seemed like the best spot to open. The Villager caught up with Coe and sent her some questions about her new endeavor.

The Villager (V): When did you decide to open a bakery? How long have you been baking?

Anne Coe (AC): I decided to start a bakery business, called Cupcaked, around six months ago. I was a restaurant manager and I knew I needed 100% from my staff on each shift. In order to incentivize them to work hard for me, I often brought cupcakes in for them. They would request special flavors and, as a hobby of mine, I would practice inventing new flavor combinations. Each and every time I gave them cupcakes, more and more people were so impressed with them they told me I should open a bakery. I started out just giving out business cards and offering to do birthday parties for children or bridal showers for friends and family. The word of mouth eventually spread to get me where I am today.

V: Where did you learn the trade?

AC: I learned a good amount of my baking techniques from my grandmother, she was an excellent baker and would take me under her wing when I was little. The rest of my skills I perfected on my own, one order at a time.

V: What are your best and favorite baked goods to make?

AC: My favorite baked goods to make are definitely my gourmet cupcakes. We will offer quite a few other options such as cakes, scones, cookies and breads, but cupcakes are my deepest passion. We have a few signature flavors, but I would have to say my favorite are our cannoli filled and chocolate loganberry cupcakes. They are very popular in Buffalo and we hope they are as big of a hit in Ellicottville.

V: How did you find the location and when did you acquire it?

AC: I found the storefront mainly through my dad, David Magara. He is a contractor who frequents Ellicottville and opened my eyes to the possibility of expanding to the area.

V: Where did you grow up and go to school?

AC: My husband and I both grew up in the Southern Tier, I graduated form Salamanca and he went to Cattaraugus-Little Valley, and once a location was available in Ellicottville, we knew that is where we would be welcomed with open arms. The support so far from the community has been overwhelming and we would like to thank everyone who has helped us from the bottom of our hearts.

   “Cupcaked”, the newest business to be opening up in the village, is a bakery located at 22 Monroe Street, where the Weed Ross Insurance Agency was for many years. Cupcaked will be opening September 29th. The Grand Opening celebration will be held on the most prestigious of festivals in Ellicottville, Fall Festival – October 7&8. Along with her husband -Anne Coe will be operating the bakery Cupcaked with her mother Patricia Magara, and two other employees.