Route 16 Sales to Stretch Over 40 Miles

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Yard Sales, Barbecues Set Along Route 16
By Nicholas Pircio

Everybody loves a yard sale. It may be called a garage sale or a tag sale. But whatever you call it, people flock there to find bargains. Come Saturday morning, on September 17th, a leisurely drive along Route 16 through Cattaraugus County should bring your vehicle to a stop more than once. The day will be devoted to treasure hunters up and down the highway, all the way from Yorkshire in the north to Knapp Creek in the south, just before the Pennsylvania line.
It’s all thanks to the Route 16 Community Corridor Partnership, a grassroots effort which started the event last year. Besides yard sale items, travelers will also enjoy at least five chicken barbecues along the way, part of a Firemen’s Barbecue Competition. Hours for the competition are from 8 a.m. until 3 p.m.
Inquiries about the day are pouring in to Scott Miller, who’s helping to coordinate the event. He explains that there will community selling points along Route 16, such as a town park or some other public place, where individuals who do not live along Route 16 can come and set up a garage sale. Miller says, “What we’re trying to do is keep most of the traffic on Route 16, so a person does not have to drive away from the road to find a sale.” Community selling points will be marked in each town, to alert bargain seekers.
For somebody interested in having a sale, the best thing to do is to contact Scott Miller at 307-5887, or preferably through an e-mail address that’s been set up for the event at Anyone seeking information about the sales should also contact the same e-mail.
Last year, Miller says there were about “75 to 100 garage sales. Seeing as how well things went last year, this year there should be a minimum of 100 sales.” Miller would like to thank Chuck Struble of Hinsdale and the Cattaraugus County Tourism Department, who are also fielding “many inquiries” about the date. “This is a grassroots effort we’re trying to put together in our spare time, an event which will highlight some of Cattaraugus County, while helping some of the residents and businesses along Route 16.” He notes that every town and village along the road, including the City of Olean, have been invited to participate.
As for the chicken barbecue component, Miller notes that fire departments, American legions, and VFWs along the way are being encouraged to hold their barbecues on September 17th, “so as to make some money for their coffers.” A few private barbecue stands will also be open that day. The chicken barbecues will be marked by signs.
At the Cattaraugus County Tourism Department, Deb Opferbeck called last year’s initial yard sale event a “phenomenal success. People keep calling to find out when it is (this year),” and for details about the day. She notes that outing the event together has been a challenge for the handful of organizers, so they (the Route 16 Community Corridor Partnership) are always looking for help with any of their projects, to promote the Route 16 businesses and tourism.”