Sludge Removal

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Sludge Removal
Target Completion Date December 31, 2017
By Jeanine Zimmer Carlson

The Village Board met Monday October 16, 2017.

The Building Inspector listed almost 40 building permits that have been issued year to date including several demolitions and apartment constructions.

   The Sewer Report noted they went to training on finance and fiscal management in Williamsville for water infrastructure. There was a leak spotted on Fillmore that was attended to. They opened the drain valve in Lagoon #3 in anticipation of upcoming Monsoons and installed a new rain gauge. Penn Power did the bi-annual preventive maintenance of the generator.

   The Engineer’s Report on the Wastewater Treatment Plant/Collection System Lagoon Sludge Removal Project cited additional coordination with the state authorities will be necessary to find alternative sludge removal and disposal methods (onsite disposal or sludge vs. hauling it to an offsite location or a combination thereof). Researching onsite disposal and the additional coordination with the NYSDEC is an out of scope work item, as it was not defined in the original proposal, dated July 21, 2017. Nussbaumer is requesting Board Approval to perform this work as additional services under the Lagoon Sludge Removal project on an hourly basis fee not to exceed $10k in accordance with the 2017 hourly fee rate schedule. They propose to bid the project out in early 2018 to receive competitive pricing. Project plan/schematic design for Village review by the end of November with target completion date of December 31, 2017.

   There is a scheduled tour of the Wastewater Treatment Plant this week. Nexon has some customers that would like to see the Ellicottville WWTP SAGR system.

   The DPW Report noted the all mowing had been done in the Village, Park and Arboretum. They have blacktopped Mill Street Extension. They had built signs, put up and took down for Rock and Roll Weekend and well as did prep and cleanup for the Lacrosse Tournament. All Village vehicles were under coated and work was done on several of their vehicle’s including the street sweeper. The leaf box was installed and they have begun leaf picking.

Chris and Brenda Perks submitted a letter pertaining to the skateboard project they pursuing. Though at this time they have withdrawn their application for rezoning, they are still working with the owner of the property, Mike Stang, to develop and updated plan and anticipate to revisit the application project alongside Stang towards the end of winter/beginning of Spring.