The Kreisher Triplets: A Benefit on March 11th

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Up Close & Personal:
The Kreisher Triplets: A Benefit on March 11th
By Kerra Trivieri


Olivia and Joe Kreisher of Ellicottville were shocked and thrilled when they heard the joyous news that they would be having triplets this year. However, unfortunately, Olivia has been struggling with several health issues associated with her pregnancy and their birth.

   “Olivia receives medication, nutrition, and fluid through an IV that she wears and has been forced to leave her second job,” said mother-in-law Sarah Kinley. “She has been paying hundreds of dollars every day to pay for treatment.”

   Olivia’s husband Joe has also had his fair share of struggles with two recent back surgeries, one of which was a spinal fusion. Because of this, his surgeon advised him to leave his physically demanding job for a different, lower paying one.

   Because Olivia’s medical treatment is not covered by insurance, the family is holding a benefit on Saturday, March 11 to help raise money for medical costs and necessary baby items. Coyote Cafe in Hamburg will host the event from 6-9pm.

   Attendees at the benefit will be able to enjoy a taco bar, chips and salsa, and an open bar, as well as a Chinese auction and 50/50 raffle.

   Olivia is scheduled to give birth to the Kreisher triplets in late May or early June. If you are unable to attend the benefit, but would like to help, donations can be made to their “GoFundMe” page at

   “By investing in our family, you will be contributing to the well-being of three little babies, as well as their mother, father, and grandparents,” Kinley added. “I extend my appreciation for any donation that you are able to make.”

   Tickets for the Kreisher Triplets Benefit will cost $25 and can be purchased through Kinley or Amy Moore (the smiling one at John Harvards), the family’s sister. Tickets can also be purchased at the door. Coyote Cafe is located at 36 Main Street in the village of Hamburg.