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Gado Gado On the Move with Nature’s Remedy
By Janae Butler
Gannon University

This spring, a popular business in Ellicottville will not only be relocating to a new home, but moving in with another local business. Local store Gado-Gado, currently located inside the Ellicottville Marketplace at 18 Monroe Street, will be moving in with Nature’s Remedy, a natural and organic whole foods and supplements market, to 26 Monroe Street on May 1st.
Gado-Gado is a store that specializes in goods and crafts all over the world, including women and children’s clothing, accessories, candles, incense and more. Suzanne Roberts, owner of Gado-Gado, opened the store in 1998. Roberts, a native of Ellicottville, said she was inspired to open the store after leaving Ellicottville in 1995 and moving overseas to Japan. After leaving Japan, Roberts spent extended periods of time in Indonesia and Bali, where she was inspired to open a store of her own.
“There’s just so much culture and so many interesting things going on over there that you won’t see anywhere else,” she said. “I wanted to bring that style back to the United States with me and start something new.”
In addition to women’s and children’s clothing and accessories, Gado-Gado also carries goods from all around the world, especially fair trade goods and “green” products. Roberts said that the most popular items in the store are the women’s accessories, including jewelry and scarves. “That stuff is just constantly flying off the shelves,” she said. “We go through everything really fast. Which is nice, because that gives us the opportunity to always have new items to freshen up the store.”
Roberts said that even the store draws in a specific clientele, it has become more and more popular over the years. “There’s a lot to look at, and there’s a lot going on inside the store,” she said. “We have a lot of return customers who stop in whenever they get the chance, even ones who are from out of town. We’re just getting busier and busier all the time.”
The store’s customers are an eclectic bunch, ranging from jr. high and high school students to people in their 70’s and 80’s. “We try very hard to offer something for everyone,” she said. “It’s very important to us to keep everything at a reasonable cost. We’re known for having nice quality.
Gado-Gado draws people in with its international flare and décor, including products and decorations that she has collected over the years from her international travels. “We’re well known for our displays,” she said. “There’s a very interesting ambiance when you enter the store. It draws in new people and keeps our regulars constantly coming back.”
Regarding the move-in with long-time business Nature’s Remedy this spring, Roberts said she and her staff are very excited for the change. The two stores will remain as separate businesses, but will just be moving into the same building. “It’s going to be great for both of us because we draw in similar, if not the same, customers,” she said. “It’s going to make things easier for the customers and more exciting for all of us.”
Roberts, who currently lives in Chicago, said she is grateful for her strong staff and management team who keep Gado-Gado going strong everyday. “My staff is full of phenomenal, self-motivated women,” she said. “Even though we talk almost daily, I’m positive that they’re doing a great job without me there. They’ve helped make this whole process feasible. I wouldn’t be able to do it without them.”
As far as future plans for Gado-Gado past the move-in Nature’s Remedy, Roberts said she wants to focus on providing fresh new products and keeping the customers happy. “It’s all about the customers,” she said. “I want to keep offering them more great items with great variety. We’re going to keep the store fresh and constantly evolving with the new changes.”
Roberts said that overall, opening and maintaining Gado-Gado has been a positive learning experience, and she is very excited for the future move with Nature’s Remedy. “This whole process really was a lot of learning on my end, in every way possible,” she said. “But we’re all really excited about the new changes. We know that it’ll lead to a lot of positive things.”

For more information on Gado-Gado, contact owner Suzanne Roberts at gadogado98@hotmail.com.