Village Purchases Plow

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Village Purchases Plow
Joint Purchase of Sidewalk Plow
Story By John Thomas
Staff Writer


   Last Friday morning the Village Board of Trustees held an emergency meeting to deal with the problems the Village has been having plowing the sidewalks. For years the Village and Town have had an agreement; the Village will plow all the sidewalks in both municipalities if the Town pays for half the cost of the plow.   The problem was the old plow had been breaking down almost weekly for the past several weeks, causing crews to get behind. The Village has a Wacker machine that can be used for plowing, but it is a complicated and inefficient process. The Village has use for the Wacker in the summer. Although the Town had paid for half the Wacker, in the summer it has other equipment and doesn’t need the Wacker.

   Village DPW crews have spent the past few weeks testing several different sidewalk plows from various companies. Mayor John Burrell reported when he asked which was their first choice for a plow; they replied “The Bombardier.” When he asked for a second choice, they said, “Bombardier.” The new machine will cost $137,871. The Mayor had contacted Key Government Finance and received quoted for 3-year, 4-year, and 5-year leases. Insurance, maintenance, and taxes would all be paid by the lessee. A five-year lease would come to about $31,000 per year with the first payment due June 1. The Mayor said the company would give the Village $10,000 for trading in the present sidewalk plow.

   The current sidewalk plow is also a Bombardier that is about 12 years old and has 2400 operating hours, or about 200 hours per year. The new plow will come equipped with a Vee plow. The current attachments including an angle blade, a snow blower, and a sander can all be fitted onto the new plow.

   The Mayor sent a letter to the Town Supervisor suggesting the Town pay half the lease on the new machine. The split payment would amount to $15,500 per year for each entity. In addition, the mayor offered to buy out the Town’s half of the Wacker for $5,000 per year for five years. The original price of the Wacker had been $52,000 or $26,500 for each municipality. A motion was made to authorize the purchase of the Bombardier and buy out the Town’s half of the Wacker. The motion passed.

   In other business, during the meeting, the Mayor said a testing part for the Waste Water Sewer plant had been sent.  But, the box had been opened by the Post Office somewhere along the way, and the company received only an empty box. When it was sent no insurance was purchased for the $3,000 part. The Mayor said he would put in a claim.

Mr. Burrell spoke of the need to replace the torn baffle curtain in the Wastewater Treatment Plant. He said Diana Chihak the grant writer said, since replacing the curtain would be a capital improvement, there might be a grant to fund the repair. She will work on it. There was a mention of the potholes on Jefferson Street. Since it is a state highway, those holes are the state’s responsibility. The meeting went into executive session.