Vogt Alters Plans

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Vogt Alters Plans
Developer Submits Revised Drawings to Planning Board
Story by John Thomas
Staff Writer


   Although the actual Planning Board meeting isn’t until next Tuesday, there was plenty of discussion at the Board’s work session this week. Developer Phil Vogt was at the meeting with his engineer Aaron Tiller to discuss plans for 23 Washington. Several concerned citizens were at the session as well. The plans showed a new façade along the east side of the building (behind Monroe Street Brick and Brew). The brick siding will be extended up to above the roofline of the building to hide the mechanicals (AC units) from the street. The plan showed two entry doors along that side, which would open to the adjoining property and require an easement from the property owner. Mr. Vogt agreed to change the doors to windows, changing that side of the building to all brick and windows.   A deck has been added to the back of the building that will extend over the current one-story addition. Board Chair Nancy Rogan asked to see a color 3-D rendering that shows the existing buildings and exactly how the deck will look when completed.

It seemed Mr. Vogt had decided to keep the building strictly retail; dropping his announced plans for a restaurant.  The board said, later if a tenant wants to put in a restaurant they would have to file a specific application and obtain a special use permit at that time. Code Enforcement Office (in training) Kelly Fredrickson mentioned a second-floor restaurant would need to install fire sprinklers.   They can be retrofitted into the remodel if necessary. One of the citizens asked if the adjacent buildings could withstand the vibration from the reconstruction. Mr. Tiller said it would not be a problem. Because of the changed intended use of the building, Mr. Vogt will have to submit a revised application to the board.

   Although Mr. Vogt had, at an earlier meeting, withdrawn the application to extend the deck over the sidewalk on Washington, he brought it up again. Attorney Daniel Spitzer, who is the Village’s attorney for zoning matters, said Vogt would have to make an application to the state DOT, and then an application to the Village Board. Mr. Spitzer said neither application would have anything to do with the Planning Board, as the Village Board must approve changes in the historical district.

Drawing shown the back end of 23 Washington. The proposed deck will extend over the existing one-story addition.