Who In The World Is Pat Burke?

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Who In The World Is Pat Burke?
By Justin Graham

   Well, one thing’s for sure, he’s not who you thought he was.

   Local resident of Ellicottville and owner of Burke Construction, Pat Burke—formally of Allegany County—is not the same Pat Burke involved in a DWI charge earlier this month.

   If you missed the story, The Buffalo News (on the web) reports, “The Buffalo man, of 48 years of age, was charged with driving while intoxicated after crashing into a motorcyclist. The crash occurred on Main Street during early Saturday (June 1, 2013),” The Buffalo man was also “charged with vehicular assault and failure to yield the right of way,” according to Lt. Tracey Martin. Police added, “The motorcyclist, Joshua D. Karczewski, suffered a leg injury and was taken to Erie County Medical Center.” The hospital official said, “He was listed in serious condition.” The Buffalo News further adds, “Amherst Police are continuing this investigation.”

   I had a chance to talk to Pat Burke, of Burke Construction in Ellicottville last Sunday. He is in no way involved, nor is the same man involved in the charges that occurred earlier this month. Many know Pat as local figure in the town. Burke got started in the construction business roughly 25 years ago, and Burke Construction (present affiliation) has been in business for 12 of those years.  

   Pat realized there will be gossip, and it will flourish among members of a small town community, but it is rather disheartening to experience the confusion surrounding what is merely a misunderstanding of names. Pat also sheds light on the fact that he is three years younger than the Buffalo man, clearly proving his identity.     

   “I have received at least two dozen calls and texts from people asking me about the false charges. The experience has been overwhelming, and I just want to clear the air with my fellow community,” says Burke.

   Burke—from Ellicottville—was glad no one was killed in the accident, and that the injuries were not more serious.

   In the meanwhile, Pat Burke of Ellicottville, will walk away with his good name and the clouds of misguided knowledge behind him.